One of the active opportunities for the ONErpm brand in 2018 is to claim and occupy both enhanced brand awareness and categorical authority over the distribution, marketing, and rights management sectors of the new music business paradigm - to step into a leadership perception over this sector of the music market.

I'm interested in helping ONErpm develop and deploy a strategic media brand narrative that directs local (and national) music industry audiences - over and past the spread of the overall 2018 brand journey - towards the value of ONErpm business goals 

Personal profiles, event coverage, premium artist signings, strategic partnership announcements, new hire notices, new brand services reveals, etc. - the 2018 mission will be to play these elements (of the ONErpm brand experience) out in the open, in the headlines; to convey action, activity, buzz, and an ever-growing perception ONErpm brand momentum.

Specific business goals will, of course, need to be established and clarified, so that all pitch strategies can be aligned and set up against measurable targets. 

However, among the overarching media goals for ONErpm will be the need to creatively deconstruct its product offerings and to consistently demonstrate its value proposition - in approachable terms and through a relatable brand narrative. It surprises me, but I'm feeling like it's a mistake to overestimate the objective general familiarity (even by the general music industry audience) of the music distribution, audience growth, and digital monetization paradigm. I see opportunities for ONErpm to own this conversation in the 2018 entertainment media landscape.

ONErpm should be positioned in the press as a solution (or a series of solutions) to a persistent music industry need. This will create a sense of perpetual newsworthiness. Newsworthiness amplifies media coverage. I feel the general messaging strategy should be based on the idea that if the audience knew what we know, and believed what we believe, they'd want to work with ONErpm. 

Beyond the preparation of disciplined messaging strategies for all ONErpm press opportunities, we should also place individualized media training under serious consideration. This will help ensure that the principal spokesperson for the ONErpm brand (Emmanuel Zunz) is always armed with the requisite media skills to convey the right message - delivered with the appropriate tone of knowledge, acumen, and authority. 

Media skills don't come naturally to everyone, but they can be easily learned and put to work almost immediately. We'll want to bolster Emmanuel Zunz (the ONErpm spokesperson) with a confident ability to project a feeling of trustworthiness to an audience (whose problem he proposes to resolve) through ONErpm business solutions. This is important because much of what the media outlets learn about ONErpm in 2018 will be communicated directly through him. (Don't worry - I have a great person in mind for this media training.)

I would like to see the ONErpm brand systematically earn its well-established position in the 2018 music/ entertainment business media market. I would like all of the important and relevant players in the music industry to know about the ONErpm brand; truly understand the services ONErpm provides; distinguish ONErpm from its business competitors; remain informed of all ONErpm business developments; visualize the solutions ONErpm can provide to their business problems; be clear about whom to approach to do business with ONErpm; and become inspired to bring their premium talent to the ONErpm platform. 

This is my predominant vision of the attainable possibilities in the 2018 ONErpm PR communications journey. 


Here's a snapshot of the press/media terrain ONErpm can prepare to occupy in 2018:

Local and national press/media coverage of all ONErpm: 

a. business news and announcements

b. premium artist signing announcements

c. artist release campaign roll-outs

d. executive print/online interviews 

e. executive print/online profiles

f.  premium new hire notices

g. new, or refreshed, ONErpm service reveals

The overarching ONErpm communications mission in 2018 should be to unleash - in strategic order and over the course of the year - the ONErpm brand narrative upon the multiplier effect of all targeted press outlets and media platforms in the business, tech, entertainment, and music sectors. 

The idea is to place ONErpm in a position to continually claim the untapped value of both the local and national press content/media space by:

1.  creating an evergreen state of press/media communications preparedness,

2.  preparing a robust 2018 media outreach strategy,

3.  and deploying that media strategy at every available opportunity throughout 2018 - in alignment with both ONErpm business objectives and ONErpm artist support needs.


The aim of the 2018 ONErpm communications mission will be to accomplish - in step by step fashion - the following primary objectives:

1.  To both refresh and augment ONErpm brand familiarity across all relevant media channels and to occupy sustained visibility and coverage in the 2018 entertainment media marketplace (ie. to ramp up awareness)

2.  To position ONErpm as the defining authority in the digital music distribution and modern music marketing business paradigm. (ie. to establish trust)

3.  To promote the entrepreneurial leadership of Emmanuel Zunz as a go-to source in digital distribution, marketing, and rights management topics for the music media marketplace. (ie. to project authority)

The 2018 PR communications objective will be to pitch for media coverage of ONErpm-related stories that align with those 3 primary objectives to systematically reveal the ONErpm brand narrative in vivid action and motion.


All press/media procurement strategies will be designed for maximum coverage once all 2018 business goals for ONErpm are firmly established. The plan will be laid out across all business projections and scheduled according to a fluid and comprehensive 2018 media editorial calendar. 

Capitalizing on extensive media coverage opportunities is often about aligning the timing of business plans and media outreach strategies to the editorial calendars of prominent media targets. We'll work together on that.

It's important to realize that we can (at any time and from the very outset) re-set (or re-define) media goals and re-align press strategies. This is customary in the new media landscape. In fact, one of the more important elements of designing an agile press/media strategy will be to cultivate an asset preparedness which provides ONErpm with the option and the flexibility to pivot (from an established long-term plan) in favor of capitalizing on a valuable, immediate, and unplanned opportunity. 


PR tactics will align to both the pre-established 2018 ONErpm business goals and to the agreed-upon scope of all media procurement and brand development efforts. 

Newsworthy press releases, sound ONErpm message crafting, strategic newswire engagement, and relentless behind-the-scenes PR machinations are all part of the natural tactical process for the development of effective media coverage, but the most impactful pieces are usually the result of well-targeted media pitches to carefully-researched journalists in influential publications. 

There are always relationship-building elements to this process - as well as a series of leveraged options and agreements - but the most important and immediate tactical element of the 2018 ONErpm media strategy will be to focus on the swift creation of updated ONErpm media kits. These will serve as ubiquitous attachments (PR tools) for every campaign pitch initiative to be undertaken.

We can collaborate on the necessary elements of a refreshed ONErpm media kit. I would also like to create a separate and individual media kit for Emmanuel Zunz as the official spokesperson of the ONErpm brand. This would include the development of a refreshed and updated bio and a very specific idea for an official personal headshot and media image gallery. The fact is that media procurement success and solid press coverage often hinge on these seemingly unimportant PR tools. 


Below is a sample shortlist of local, national, print and online influencer media targets that can serve among the selection of media outlets to carry the ONErpm brand narrative :

Music Industry | Local


Nashville Business Journal


Nashville Lifestyles

Music Industry | national




Hollywood Reporter


Rolling Stone

Business / Tech | National

Fast Company







Digital Music News


Blogs | National




All rates will remain competitive and determined by both the final scope agreement and the duration of the proposed contractual engagement. All rates will be discussed and mutually agreed upon privately. 



Harold Loren is a Public Relations Strategist and a Digital Communications Consultant. He designs and deploys the communication strategies that connect worldwide audiences to entertainment brands and entrepreneurial identities. His work combines traditional public relations and marketing practices and applies their new digital approaches to the evolving landscape of business communications and brand development.


Harold currently serves as Director of Communications at the ST8MNT Brand Agency in Nashville, Tennessee. ST8MNT serves notable brands such as TAYLOR SWIFTREBA McENTIRELADY ANTEBELLUMBONNAROOCMA MUSIC FESTNATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL and the ATLANTA BRAVES

Harold's most recent work involved day-to-day coordination with social content development teams at both the FOX Broadcasting Company and NETFLIX - through the digital management and brand development for Actor/Producer JOHN STAMOS - in support of both the hit FOX television show GRANDFATHERED and the blockbuster NETFLIX series release of FULLER HOUSE. These projects were undertaken in partnership with the NYC-based public relations agency, POLK & COMPANY

His professional projects, through The LOREN Collective | A Digital Lab focus on the design and deployment of front-end web solutions and on the content management of their social media ecosystems. The lab serves as a digital workshop through which to design, create, coordinate and otherwise keep pace with the 'thinking', 'learning' and 'doing' required to drive effective and measurable engagement in the digital age.

Recent projects include content development for the 2015 NASHVILLE FILM FESTIVAL (NaFF), creative consultation for both country music icon TIM MCGRAW and Country Music performer KRISTIAN BUSH, (of the multi-platinum selling country duo SUGARLAND) as well as online deployment and digital brand development for performers: LARKIN POEHOLLY WILLIAMS and DIAMOND CARTER.

Harold is a former Music Editor for 944 MAGAZINE in Los Angeles; also, a former Publicist for TED GUEFEN PUBLIC RELATIONS; and later, a Founder and Director of Media Relations at STAFFORD|CLARKE MEDIA CONSULTANTS, a boutique LA Public Relations agency specializing in Film, Television and Music entertainment.


Harold Loren's post-secondary studies were in Communication Technology, Political Science and Art. He is a Bachelor of Arts graduate from the University of Texas at Arlington.


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