Black Rebel Motorcycle Club | SPECTOR AT THE FEAST Promo | Directed by Malia James

I flew with the eagles / Until I fell from the nest
I ran with the wolves / Then I got lost from the pack

Slowly I go crazy everyday / Some days run faster than others

I never strayed into heaven / It was hard getting past hell
I travelled through and beyond / The death and birth of man

I am ectomy

From my place in line / I fell out of order

I've been here, I've been there / I've been anywhere
And I haven't been anywhere / And I'll be back again 

I am ectomy

'ABOUT A FALLOUT' by John Trudell. Read by Ian Ottaway.

Spread your love like a fever
And don’t you ever come down
— BRMC :: Spread Your Love

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club :: 'Spread Your Love' | Director: George Vale :: Toronto, CA (2005)

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